Basic income pilot would be a kind of social agreement

Could you imagine a nationalist agreeing the idea that the Basic income would be available for every legal resident? Or a globalist who would like the idea that in Estonia it should be for ethnical Estonians only? It seems to be impossible.

But now let’s imagine that the Basic income is a “citizen’s wage”. Non-citizens would still have an access to the standard welfare system but they pay also less taxes than citizens. However, all of them have right to obtain Estonian citizenship when they meet some conditions and when obtained, they would pay more taxes but get also the citizen’s wage. More universal basic income would be introduced sometimes in future when all Europe and big part of other world is using Basic income and a “welfare tourism” is no longer a threat.

This approach should be acceptable for both. And the concept of basic income itself has different aspects that could satisfy different political wings. Therefore a social agreement related to the basic income (especially its possible pilot) should not be any kind of “mission impossible”.