In Estonia, five hundred signatures were given to the pan-European basic income initiative

The European Citizens’ Initiative on the introduction of Unconditional Basic Incomes throughout the EU has now issued 500 signatures from Estonia. In total, it has so far received more than 31 thousand statements of support out of the required million. For the initiative to be successful, at least seven countries must also have a statement of support in the section of the national threshold, which is the number of MEPs multiplied by the number of MEPs in a given country.

Estonia has met slightly more than a tenth of this threshold. With this indicator, Estonia ranks fifth in the entire European Union, and second in terms of the percentage of the population that has signed. With both indicators, Slovenia is at the top of the ranking, where more than 50% of the threshold has been met (2846 signatures at 11:50 EET)

The European Citizens’ Initiative calls on the European Commission to propose to the appropriate institutions the introduction of Unconditional Basic incomes throughout the European Union. One of the default assumptions is that each country applies the UBI according to the model that suits it best. The decision to register the initiative states that the European Commission may propose to the Council of the European Union the formulation of appropriate broad economic policy guidelines.