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Official EU initiative for UBI: yet undiscovered in Malta, Estonia reached half of quota, Slovenia still on the top

Less than eight months before the current deadline of signature collection for the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU” (https://sign.eci-ubi.eu), the initiative has been almost untouched by the citizens of Malta, the smallest EU member. While the citizens of Slovenia reached their national quota […]

71% of Europeans support basic income after COVID-19, an Oxford study reveals

The COVID-19 pandemic is inspiring Europeans to think the previously unthinkable, according to a ground-breaking survey out today from a team led by Professor Timothy Garton Ash, the leading Oxford academic. Public policy and economic ideas which were hitherto seen as radical, even utopian, have become mainstream thinking during the crisis, the Europe’s […]

A new European Citizens’ Initiative begins to collect signatures

On 25 September, the collection of statements of support for the European Citizens’ Initiative will begin, with the ultimate aim of establishingUnconditional Basic Incomes throughout the European Union, in all 27 member states. In particular, the initiative calls on the European Commission to submit to the appropriate institutions its proposal for the […]

1327 votes from Estonia for emergency UBI petition, letter to Estonian PM collecting signatures as well

According to the information that Estonian UBI advocates got in 24 April evening, 1327 signatures for an European emergency UBI petition in wemove.eu portal were given from Estonia. Totally the petition has got more than 171000 signatures and also the Estonian signature count may be rised. Wemove.eu doesn’t yet allow following the […]

Public letter: The reason for rejecting a research initiative doesn’t correspond to the initiative’s content and laws, neither

The leaders of the collective appeal “Investigating the Feasibility and Impact of Unconditional Basic Income (Civic Salary) in Estonia” are undoubtedly pleased to read in the media that although the Social Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Estonian parliament) announced the rejection of public access, its members have not taken an […]

Basic income: Arguments, evidence, prospects

A recent blog post of Estonian parliamentary library give an overview of Basic Income with links to some resources, included the briefing of European Parliamentary Research Centre “Basic Income: Arguments, evidence, prospects” . This one was published in September 2016 but no word in Estonian media followed and, furthermore, this  document is not officially […]

Campaign for Basic Income test started in Estonia

Five Estonian citizens published recently a petition which suggests to implement a Basic Income research and test in their country. The petition emphasizes that it does not require the introduction of the basic income. “Only the investigation of the feasibility and impact on people, including test,” says Jaanus Nurmoja, the […]

Just multiple times better than communism

Many thanks to Mr. Margus Tsahkna, Minister of Social Protection, who mentioned in Estonian Opinion Festival the planned Basic Income test in Finland saying it’s a “communist” idea, giving so an excellent pretext to explain why the communism actually can’t stand comparison with Basic Income at all. A communist society […]