This is an interpretation of the current state of signature collection for the ECI "Start Unconditional Basic Incomes throughout the EU"

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- in proportion to the population
(which corresponds to the number of MEPs)
Target: LEVEL 1 Target: LEVEL 2 Target: optimized
- in proportion to the threshold (and MEPs)
# Country Signed TD YD POP % THR Total need Daily need % Min.sig Type L1% Min.sig Type L2% Min.sig Daily need G% Min.sig Type L3% MEP %

The main reason for this representation of sigature statistic is that could be more fair way go get targets during this campaingn. As we know, the national thresholds are corresponding to the numbers of MEP-s which is not represeting the real proportions of population. Small countris are "overpresented" and big countries "underpresented". Therefore, if we think that dividing the number of each country's inhabitants with 447 (1 million signatures is about 1/447 of EU population) will give us a good target then we see that for smaller countries such target is lower than national threshold and for bigger countries it's higher than the target calculated from national threshold.

In this table, all 3 indicators are compared and sorted for each country. So for the smallest EU country, Malta, the lowest target is corresponding to their population and highest is calculated from threshold (therefore corresponds to their number of MEPs). For the biggest country, Germany, the lowest level is the national threshold, then threshold & MEP related target and then population-related one.

As the total of highest levels gives us bigger number than million, the exact goal should be somewhere in the middle of 2nd and 3rd level. Fortunately, there are two good ways. One is to find the average between TargetMEP and TargetPOP. But we use another described below.

All we need is to know the proportion of remaining signatures if all countries reached their national quota (threshold). We diminish one million by the sum of thresholds and then we divide the result with one million. Thus (1000000-497025)/1000000=0,502975 And finally, we multiply TargetPOPs with this and add the result to the threshold.

Example for Netherlands. Their TargetPOP is 38882, national quota: 20445. Now we calculate 0,502975 * 38882 + 20445 = 40001,67395 which needs to be rounded up to 40002